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Computer Chess Resource

UCI Chess Interfaces

  • Shredder Classic - my favorite chess GUI
  • Arena - a good interface that is also free - includes some great free chess engines
  • Chess Partner - comes with a range of engines from Lokasoft - good for online play
  • Chess Assistant - good solid database support
  • Fritz et al - Fritz 7 to 9 support UCI engines

Other Commercial Chess Playing Programs

  • Rybka - currently the strongest chess engine for the PC (yes, I admit it, it's stronger than Monarch)
  • Hiarcs - a great attacking engine - one of my favorites
  • Fruit - the commercial version of Fabian Letouzey amazing engine - incredibly solid
  • SmarThink - an engine that plays positional chess and used some novel search ideas

Free Chess Programs

  • Glaurung Chess - a fantastic program by Tord Romstad definitely one of my favorites
  • Spike - must be one of the best positional engines.
  • Fruit - versions 1.0 to 2.0 are freely available with source code
  • Toga - a derivative of Fruit and extremely strong
  • Arena Partner Programs - a selection of strong free engines
  • Arasan - also has a great suite of over-the-board chess problems
  • Colossus - by Martin Bryant of 1980 computer chess fame
  • Little Goliath - fast searcher
  • Pharaon  - Frank Zibi's engine
  • SlowChess   Strong and extremely good at tactics
  • Tao   - an aggressive engine - fun to play against
  • Yace  - a classic, solid engine by Dieter Buerssner

Computer Chess Forums

Computer Chess Programming

  • Verhelst - a great introduction to the basic concepts
  • Bruce Moreland's site - Good general overview
  • Tom's Simple Chess Program (TSCP) - a great little program that demystifies many aspect of computer chess programming
  • Viper  - Tord Romstad's simple engine which included parallel search code